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Women Who Love is a project about women, their relationships and everyday life in times of globalization.


Feminism, equal rights, work-life balance and the compatibility of work and family. These are not just current terms of trend, but topics that many women in their lives repeatedly deal with. Career, a working relationship and a family. These are things that many like to combine. There are numerous articles, guides or women's networks dealing with these topics more or less constructively. But as much as this issue is justified, one thing seems to be ignored: the compatibility of relationships, careers, and marriages in the age of globalization. Jobs are no longer fixed in one place, careers are made globally, it is important to be flexible - for men and women. Traveling becomes easier, airline tickets are cheaper, tourism is booming - the world is growing together. The legitimate debate over the issues that were already mentioned quickly comes to an end when you leave the comfort zone. Suddenly there is a job offer for the loved one at the other end of the world or you fall in love with someone who has a different origin and you can see the topics in a completely different light. Women Who Love tells the stories of women who have chosen love, but not by giving up themselves.


We all love; our family, our partner, our children, a job, a vision, an engagement, and (maybe) ourselves. More than ever, we keep busy to think about relationships, love, living together and the question of self-fulfillment and happiness. We try to compromise, to keep the ball rolling. 

It often seems easier for men, they seem to be able to have everything, a career, a great wife and children. For many women the situation is different. In times of globalization, in times of capitalism, it is still women who make compromises. No housewives, no women without a career vision, no cold career women. They are women who would like to have everything but have to admit that not only does it often seem difficult, but sometimes even impossible.

It is them, who are still often underestimated, who need to be flexible or who build their lives around their husband's careers. But not necessarily are these women without opinions who would just follow their husbands without ifs and buts. But they would give up a lot for a relationship to work. Many are still underestimated by society. Women are still fighting with much more prejudice than men: they are either housewives, raven mothers, only interested in their career apparently they don’t have their own vision. They are seen as wives who are living a simple life, the ones who seemingly can never be satisfied, they are the ones who have to choose between career, self-fulfillment or family. They are the ones who knew beforehand what they had agreed to do and apparently now deal with it. Happy those who happen to have all in one city (even then enough topics have to be discussed). But that happens only rarely, there is the career, the transfer to another city, to another country. There are relationships between two people who come from different countries, from people with different professions - but one thing always seems to be the same. Apparently, women do the crucial thing not to endanger the relationship, make compromises in careers or children, while the men unerringly follow their goals. Giving up on is considered weak, but is sometimes inevitable, at least in a relationship.


These women live all over the world. This project starts with stories of women from Miami, a city that is famous for stereotypes and prejudices. But Miami is a melting pot, a place for people of all backgrounds, full of stories, full of strong women who have changed their lives for a variety of reasons. Many stories of women from around the world are supposed to follow.

So what about those women who love? Why do they do that, why do they follow, how do they deal with it? These stories are told here. Stories of feminists who love, stories about women struggling with the difficulties, about inspiring, strong women who are sometimes very weak. Stories about women of different ages, different backgrounds, different social status. These are stories that deal with the role of women in society, with relationships, with partnerships, with family. Are they the profiteers? Are they expat-wives? Are they women who are really looking for a better future? Are they the weak or brave ones? Are they the ones who are willing to really do something new?


The mission of Women Who Love is to tell the stories behind the facades and thereby give inspiration to others. Stories about failure, about getting stronger and about finding opportunities around every corner. "Paths are created by walking them," Kafka once wrote. These are stories of courage and sometimes despair, of love, relationships and confidence, far from stereotypes. We all tend to judge quickly about people we do not know. We still live in partnerships with role stereotypes and role models. But the stories behind every single individual is often much more complex and varied. This project is supposed to contribute to this realization.


Learn more about different lifestyles and be inspired by the stories or join us and tell your story!





Susanne Azen



Throughout my whole life, I have been dealing with relationships, equal rights and the role of women in society. I am from a family full of female power. I grew up in Munich, Germany with my mother and two sisters. I have met many remarkable women in my life: girlfriends, artists, role models. Also in Miami, I have met many women whom I admire. It is not always those like to be in the center of attention, but the closer you look, the more you realize how much they are doing, in their partnerships, their families, professionally and how they keep fighting to not lose their own identity.

Relationships and their consequences have always fascinated me. While doing my Bachelors degree in history, I wrote a paper on the "reconciliation of love and marriage in the Middle Ages", my master thesis in German literature was about one of the most admirable women, the Jewish-German poet Mascha Kaléko. She lived in Berlin, fled 1938 to the US into exile, then years later followed her husband to Israel because of his career as a musician. She didn’t become happy over there, but she loved him.


The idea for Women Who Love came to me in Miami. I also moved because of love, followed my husband and left a lot in my home country. A job, a family, a great circle of friends, my culture. My move to the US was one of the biggest challenges of my life (You can read my story here). I thought my situation would be special until I realized how many women are like me and how many of them, emancipated and with self-determined lives, are willing to change to follow someone they love. The difficulties that come with it, the challenge for the partnership, the own career and the family - somehow they deal with it.

I think it's important to tell the stories of these women, the strong and the weak moments. I've always been interested in the stories behind the surface, not perfectly staged life stories, but the truth with all its imperfect moments - because that inspires the most.


After studying history and German literature, I worked for several art festivals in Germany before moving to the US in early 2016. In Miami, I worked for the Süddeutsche Zeitung & several art festivals. From 2018 until 2020 I lived in Switzerland and worked as head of digital communication for a theater festival in Zurich. Since 2021 I am living with my husband and our two year old son in Munich and work as Systemic Coach and Business Coach.




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